Used Herman Miller Sayl Chair, Red Seat, Red Back, Black Arms

Product Features

  • Vibrant red seat and back
  • Contrasting black arms
  • User-friendly adjustable features
  • Balanced and supportive design
  • Durable and striking finish

Vibrant Used Herman Miller Sayl Chair, Red Seat, Red Back, Black Arms

Introducing the visually striking Used Herman Miller Sayl Chair, Red Seat, Red Back, and Black Arms, featuring a vibrant red seat and back complemented by sleek black arms. This chair, known for its unique design and ergonomic support, is an excellent addition to any modern workspace that values both style and comfort.

Innovative Design

Key Feature: Distinctive Y-Tower and 3D Intelligent Back

  • The Sayl Chair is a marvel of design engineering. Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, its distinctive Y-Tower structure provides crucial support. The 3D Intelligent back material stretches and moves with you, offering exceptional comfort and freedom of movement.

Eye-Catching Aesthetics

Key Feature: Bold Red Seat and Back

  • The chair’s red seat and back not only make a bold statement in terms of design but also bring a vibrant energy to any office setting. This pop of colour can inspire creativity and brighten up any room.

Comfort and Adjustability

Key Feature: Ergonomic Seating with Adjustable Features

  • Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Sayl Chair allows for various adjustments, including seat height and tilt tension. The black arms can also be adjusted for height, providing tailored support for your arms and shoulders.
Sustainable and Responsible

Key Feature: Eco-Dematerialised Design

  • The Sayl Chair is a testament to Herman Miller’s commitment to sustainability. The eco-dematerialized design uses less material in more inventive ways to ensure that the chair is as environmentally friendly as it is comfortable.
Versatility in Use

Key Feature: Suitable for Various Office Environments

  • Whether it’s for a home office, a creative workspace, or a corporate setting, the Sayl Chair’s unique design and colour scheme make it adaptable to a wide range of interior styles.
Quality Assurance

Key Feature: Meticulously Inspected and Refurbished

  • Our used Sayl Chairs undergo a thorough inspection and refurbishment process, ensuring they meet high standards of quality and functionality. This means you receive a chair that not only looks great but performs excellently.
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The Herman Miller Sayl Chair with a red seat and back and black arms is more than just a seating option; it’s a fusion of artistic design, ergonomic innovation, and environmental consciousness, ideal for any contemporary workspace.

#Product Reference Code: UAC15

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